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1918 maryland

The Rancho Santa Anita entry for 1918 was designed by Anita Baldwin to reflect her involvement with the Red Star Society, a forerunner of the ASPCA.

Miss Baldwin was a daughter of Elias “Lucky” Baldwin, an early San Gabriel Valley landholder and pioneer. Baldwin was known and loved not only for his wealth, but for his respectful treatment of his workers. You’ll find his name or that of his Santa Anita Ranch referenced in the Santa Anita Racetrack, Baldwin Avenue, Lucky Baldwin’s pub and more.

Pasadena history buffs will know the building in the background: it’s the Maryland Hotel, which suffered a serious fire in 1914 but was rebuilt immediately. Here’s a photo of the hotel from a similar angle, sans parade float.

The hotel was in operation until the late 1940’s. Over the years the building went through many changes and parts were torn down or relocated. What remains today is a condominium building that was added onto the hotel in the late 1920’s. It sits in a plaza across Euclid Avenue from Pasadena’s City Hall.

MTAP wants to know: Have you designed a float? Do you have memories of the Maryland Hotel? Share them here!


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