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The Rose Parade is 125 Years Old This Year!

The history of the Rose Parade is the history of families, so the fans are our greatest resource. Treasured Parade keepsakes, scattered in households around the country, often go back decades. They form a vast cultural repository—largely untapped—of great significance.

We are fans of the Rose Parade and have designed MTAP to serve as a collective memory-bank. We’re blogging and active on other social media, to invite the fans to share their photographs and home movies, their programs and souvenirs, in whatever form they can.

More Than a Parade includes several related websites:

On Facebook:

On Twitter:

(Our YouTube Channel will launch soon.)

Parade fans are our core resource. They are the foundation of the Parade’s popularity and, collectively, its living memory. We’re excited to collaborate with lovers of the Parade around the world to build this interactive project.

Please tell us in comments:

Do you know someone who took part on the Parade?

When did you first see the Parade?

What’s your favorite memory of the Rose Parade?